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趣味のギター(11) ラリアーネ祭  Guitar playing as a hobby (11), Feste Lariane

(*) 演奏動画で私が演奏している姿もご覧いただけますが、録音レベルが低く、少しボリュームを上げてお聴きください。
This is a classical guitar piece by Italian composer Luigi Mozzani (1869-1943), which plays a single theme with three patterns, chords, arpeggios, and tremolos, and is played by many people, including professionals.
I have been playing it since I was young, and I played it at a guitar club's intramural concert in 2013 (*) and at an online concert in 2021, and I would like to introduce the latter this time.
(*) This is a video of my performance, which shows me playing, but the recording level is low, so please listen with the volume turned up a bit.