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節電スイッチ付のエアコン用コンセント  Power outlet with power saving switch for air conditioner

We recently installed this new type of a power outlet for our new air conditioner in preparation for this year's expected harsh winter.
Unlike conventional power outlets for air conditioners, this outlet is equipped with a switch (picture) that allows the user to turn on and off the outlet to save the standby power consumption. (It is not an automatic power-off switch though.)
All air conditioners connected to the outlets, including your own, continue to consume standby power during non-operating hours and off-seasons when not in use.
The installation of this switch in the outlet to cut this wasteful standby power consumption by the users themselves is a breakthrough, judging from the product development, production, and sales attitude of the manufacturers up to now.
This may be a byproduct of the energy crisis, but the industry awareness and action level have finally reached this far, which is very good.
It was 28 years ago, in 1994, that I developed a technology (Setsuden-mushi) that automatically cuts standby power consumption of telecommunication devices, and NTT Corporation adopted this useful technology.
Soon after that, I have also developed a general-purpose technology to automatically turn off the outlet power supply by sensing changes in the power used by electrical appliances and equipment (in the case of air conditioners, by sensing that operation has been stopped), but unfortunately, this technology has still not widely used.
This means that considerable time and effort are still needed to achieve eliminating wasteful standby power, which is one of my life's works.