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不思議なご縁  A curious coincidence

先日、21日、メルボルンから来尾中のオーストラリア人夫妻のTim & Tinaと一緒に車で約40分の創建以来553年の古いお寺(写真)を尾道の北の三次市吉舎町に訪ねました。
The other day, on the 21st, I visited an old temple (photo), 553 years old since its foundation, in Kisa-cho, Miyoshi City, north of Onomichi, about 40 minutes by car with Tim & Tina an Australian couple from Melbourne staying in Onomichi.
I became interested in the temple and the chief priest (photo) because he is a very good friend of this year's Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine, Dr. Svante Pääbo (photo) of Germany, who has visited the temple every year for the past 20 years or so for Zen meditation and reportedly spent three months there several years ago writing a book (photo) about his research.
After reading these books (pictures) a little, I surmised that the priest was his spiritual support.
Despite being busy preparing for the next day's sermon, the temple master treated us to delicious tea and tea sweets, talked with us for about 30 minutes, and even gave us a gift of delicious water before seeing us off outside the gate.
In this short period of time, I think I was able to understand a little why the priest and Dr. Svante Pääbo have developed a long-lasting friendship.
What struck me personally during my conversation with the priest was that he was the husband of a woman I had hired as a radio personality when I was the local FM radio station manager, and that I am still indebted to this lady for media publicity for my activities.
It was a day that made me recognize once again how fortunate and grateful I am for the people around me.
If possible, I hope that the time will come when I will be able to see Dr. Peabo as researchers.