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戸外作業場  Outdoor Workspace

二年ほど前に戸外に作った2.65坪(2.5m x 3.5m)の日曜大工作業場とよろず案件の実験場を効率的に利用し、風雨への耐性を向上させるために手直し工事をしました。
作業机(182cm x 91cm)は2つ折りできるタイプに変更し、壁面収納できるようにして、外回りはカーボネートの波板にしました。
A 2.65 tsubo (2.5m x 3.5m) Sunday carpentry workshop and a experimenting place for the ideas I think of, which I built outdoors about two years ago, was reworked to make efficient use of the space and to improve its resistance to wind and rain.
The work desk (182cm x 91cm) was changed into a two-foldable type that can be stored on the wall, and the outside wall area was covered with carbonate corrugated board.
Tools were also wall-stored to match their size and purpose, making them easier to find and take out.