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短命内閣スパイラル?  Short-lived cabinet spiral?

Today, October 3, the extraordinary Diet session will convene.
The Kishida Cabinet, which succeeded Kan's short-lived Cabinet last October, is not as good at backroom maneuvering as the Abe Cabinet and is currently experiencing a sharp drop in its cabinet support due to the forced having held of a state funeral for Abe and the hiding of the Unification Church issue.
The Abe cabinet, which was in place for as long as eight years, now has a clear relationship with the Unification Church revealed, and it caused the Mori, Kake, and Sakura problems in the past, all of which the Kishida cabinet is now trying to bring to naught.
Will the Kishida cabinet end up being a short-lived cabinet like the previous Kan cabinet that made fun of scientists and several some other cabinets about 10 years ago?
For political stability, the top priority for politicians should be to stop the system of hereditary succession, to be more ashamed of themselves, to improve themselves, and to acquire competence.
Politicians should learn from the competent managers, scientists, and researchers in the private sectors whom they look down upon.