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国 葬  State Funeral

It is an international norm that state funerals are usually held for heads of state.
Japan's head of state is the Emperor of Japan, as is internationally recognized.
Today, September 27, is the day of the state funeral of former Prime Minister Abe.
The main reasons for giving him a state funeral, who was not the head of state, are reportedly that his administration was the longest and most prolonged in the history of constitutional government in Japan and his brilliant achievements.
Indeed, his eight-year administration was the longest, but it was also the worst.
The reason why it was the worst administration is that under the name of Abenomics, he only raised stock prices and only continued Japan's zero-growth policy as the results, which did not benefit us ordinary people.
In addition, the Abe administration is the one who failed to increase the basic strength of the country by failing to implement and invest in water, food, healthcare, and energy policies, which is why Japan is still suffering from almost 30 years of zero growth, which is critical with the depreciation of the yen.
Furthermore, he has caused the Molly, Kake, Sakura problems and established black relations with the Toitsu Kyokai Church, a cult group.
Today is the national funeral day of such a man in Japan.