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趣味のギター (7) 調和の霊感第8番 / 四重奏  Guitar playing as a hobby (7) L'estro Armonico (Inspiration No. 8) / Quartet

アントニオ・ビバルディ(作曲家、バイオリニスト、1678 - 1741年、イタリア)の霊感第8番、第一楽章、第二楽章、第三楽章をクラシックギターで4重奏、5名で何年か前に、演奏しました。(合計約15分)
Some years ago, we performed the first, second, and third movements of Inspiration No. 8 by Antonio Vivaldi (a composer, a violinist, 1678 - 1741, Italy) as a classic guitar quartet with five members in all. (About 15 minutes in total)
I played this with my local classical guitar group friends in Onomichi, but the group has now disbanded and I am enjoying playing the guitar as a soloist.
It is a very good memory for me because as an amateur I have not experienced such a large piece many times.
When we performed it at the Onomichi Citizens Music Festival (, we played only the first and third movements due to time constraints.