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9月後半の無料英語学習例会  Free English learning meetings in the latter half of September

* 第1回 (No. 081) 9月03日(土)19:00 -、終了
 アルテミス - NASA、巨大月面ロケットの初飛行に向け準備中
* 第2回 (No. 196) 9月08日(木)10:30 -、終了
* 第3回 (No. 082) 9月17日(土)19:00 -、終了
* 第4回 (No. 197) 9月22日(木)10:30 -、
Free English learning meetings in the latter half of September:
We continue to hold them as follows online due to the COVID-19 epidemic.
* The 1st (No. 081), Sept. 3rd (Saturday), 19:00 -,  Finished
 Artemis- Nasa readies giant Moon rocket for maiden flight
* The 2nd (No. 196), Sept. 8th (Thursday), 10:30 -,  Finished
 Professionals-turned-pilgrims embrace Shikoku’s divine boredom
* The 3rd (No. 082), Sept. 17th (Saturday), 19:00 -, Finished
 Stone Age humans' unexpectedly advanced medical knowledge
* The 4th (No. 197), Sept. 22nd (Thursday), 10:30 -,
 Researchers- Exercise Best Tool Against Aging