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中国とインドによる地球環境負荷 The Global Environmental Impact by China and India  

Abnormal weather phenomena such as this year's unusually hot weather in Japan, heavy rainfall and flooding, heat waves and wildfires, and cold waves etc., around the world are global in scale and are expected to become more severe in the future.
Recently, a summit meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held in Uzbekistan, attended by leaders of the two countries that are placing a heavy burden on the earth, but their environmental awareness in both countries seems to be very low.
Of the world's population of approximately 8 billion, China and India together account for more than 2.8 billion, and 1/3 of the global population is Chinese and Indian.
1/4 of ocean pollution is emitted from China.
It is a fact that human existence itself is a major burden on the global environment, and therefore, the countries with the largest populations are naturally responsible for abnormal weather and obliged to take countermeasures against it, but these two countries show no sign of doing so.