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国葬  State funeral

2.5億円 ⇒16.6億円 ⇒ あと何億円プラス?:
250 million yen ⇒ 1.66 billion yen ⇒ How much more billion yen to be added?:
The 250 million yen is the originally expected cost of former Prime Minister Abe's state funeral, which has been increased to 1.66 billion yen now, but I doubt it will fit within it.
The world is simplifying the scale of funerals with family funerals, but this seems to go against the trend.
He brought hundreds of billions of yen in souvenirs as outings, especially meeting with Putin 27 times and wasted 40 billion yen on the Abe-no-mask.
It is said the state funeral is to be held because of his achievements during his lifetime, but judging from the fact that Japan has failed to grow in the last 20+ years, what are his achievements?
Even if there were accomplishments, as victims (the people who were killed) in WWII, they would take them to be his atonement for this war.
Since the state funeral itself is conducted for the sake of political gamesmanship and self-interest of politicians, it is reported that many of the foreign leaders who had expected (and hoped) to attend the funeral have decided not do so, as if they saw right through it.