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第8回アフリカ開発会議  TICAD VIII (The 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development)

This conference has been hosted by Japan and it was held in Tunisia this time the other day.
Fourteen years ago, I participated in one of 3 joint government/private sector delegations to three African regions immediately after the 5th TICAD was held in Nagoya, Japan.
The reason why someone like me joined such a business inspection group, which consists mainly of major corporations, was that at that time I had had many business discussions with the ambassadors of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Sudan in the central eastern region of Africa.
When I was told to participate in it, I declined, but for some reason a special arrangement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made it possible, and we explored the possibility of a DC current use zone in Africa.
Fourteen years have passed since then, but as usual, only the figures for the amount of financial assistance stand out, and there does not seem to have been any significant support effect.
The reason for the lack of good results in African development is that African countries seek short-term support, that is, money (aid funds) and goods (facilities and infrastructure), and their leaders themselves lack the attitude to eradicate political corruption, stop wars, and improve national strength by focusing on education and self-help efforts of the people over the long term.