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コロナ感染症はいつ終息する? When will coronavirus infections end?

1. 過去数十年間、日本政府、特に安倍政権下で、基礎科学研究への予算を削減し続けたこと。
2. 最終テスト段階で治験に参加する日本人の数(治験協力者数)が少ないこと。
3. 国のリーダー、政治家は経済発展と政治権力争いには熱心でも、科学的センスのある人はほとんどいない。
A recent topic of conversation for many should be about the coronaviruses that continue to infect and when they will end.
Such was the case at our recent meeting in English.
One of the members, a medical doctor, told us that it would depend on when effective oral medication becomes available.
There are three reasons why Japan has lagged behind other countries in the development of effective vaccines and oral medicines for coronaviruses.
(1) Continued budget cuts to basic science research by the Japanese government, especially under the Abe administration, over the past several decades.
(2) The small number of Japanese participating in clinical trials at the final testing stage (the number of collaborators).
3. The leaders and politicians in Japan are enthusiastic about economic development and political power struggles, but few have any scientific sense.