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8月の英語関係の例会   English-related meetings in August

第1回8月6日 19:00 -、心を読む未来の戦闘機
* 第2回8月20日 19:00 -、フランス市長、モンブラン登頂に15,000ユーロの保証金を要求
* 第3回8月25日10:30 -、災害時、日本のハザードマップは重要な情報を提供
The number of the five monthly meetings have been reduced to three this month.
The reason for this change is that the meeting on Saturday the 13th happened to fall on the Bon holiday and the meeting on Thursday the 11th a national holiday, and each member must have his/her own schedule in August.
A slowdown in August will be natural.
The August meeting schedule is (was) as follows.
* The 1st, August 6th ,19:00 -, A mind-reading combat jet for the future
* The 2nd, August 20th , 19:00 -, French mayor threatens €15,000 deposit to climb Mont Blanc
* The 3rd, August 25th , 10:30 -, In times of disaster, Japan's hazard maps provide crucial information