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たたくな、なでるな、弾け   Don't strike, don't stroke, but play it.

2年前、2020年6月に録音していたものを数日前にソロ 3連奏(約16分)として先日ビデオ化しました。
Don't strike, don't stroke, but play it.:
This expression tells me how to properly contact my right hand fingertips (nails) with the strings when playing classical guitar.
When using right hand fingers in short (2 or 3 minutes) relatively slow music pieces, I maybe able to "play", but in longer (5 minutes or more) fast ones with tremolo technique needed, I am "striking" the strings because I am unconsciously straining my fingers.
I have been practicing tremolo technique since I was in my 20s, but I have not reached the stage of “play” yet.
It must be one of the differences between professionals and amateurs.
This is " Recuerdos de la Alhambra (F. Tarrega)" and is one of popular classics as a tremolo piece.
I recorded this two years ago, in June 2020, and made it into a video as 3 consecutive performance (about 16 minutes) a few days ago.
Recording guitar performances rarely end up with no mistakes.
I don't know any methods or techniques to erase mistakes and I can’t make it sound better than they actually are, either.
Since I am an amateur, I take mistakes as part of my personality and upload the recorded ones.