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独学と共学  Independent learning and group learning

1. 尾道無料英会話道場の毎月4回の例会
2. 英検1資格者ネットワークの毎月1回の例会
Independent learning and group learning:
If the former is to continue learning by oneself, the latter may be to study in a group under a common goal or task.
For me, following two are the places where I can learn English and get English related information together in groups.
1. Four monthly meetings of Onomichi Free English Conversation Dojo (OESS)
2. One monthly meeting of the Eiken 1st graders’Network (about 5 minutes)
At the former, participants who have been learning by themselves teach each other words, expressions and others that we do not know, and each can reflect on what he/she said and their expressing ways later and make it better next time.
In the latter, participants can receive a variety of knowledge and information related to English from each other with different backgrounds.
To make it better, synergies can be expected in group studies.
Since these are not religious gatherings, no offerings are required and we are free to come and go as we like.