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ギター演奏用伴奏バリエーション   Accompaniment Variations for My Guitar Performance

1. ギター二重奏
2. ギター三重奏
3. ピアノ伴奏
When I play the guitar alone, I try to find the right amount of volume, the right combination of different instruments, and the right balance of familiar and unfamiliar pieces for the audience.
First of all, it is most important that the audience enjoys the performance.
For the combination of different instruments, I will play with pre-recorded sound sources, or use sound sources of different instruments available on the Internet for accompaniment.
This time, I have prepared the following four variations for the score of "A Thousand Winds" I have.
All of them required transposition and volume optimization in advance.
1. Guitar duet
2. Guitar trio
3. Piano accompaniment