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アナグマの再来訪  Badgers’ return visit

Badgers’ return visit:
Following the white-eyes’ return to us the other day, three badgers (family Weaselidae), two of which visited our garden last year and one of which is their child, showed up again in our garden on Thursday the 14th this year.
They were very fast, and I could not get good pictures of them through the screen door.
According to the description on the net, the ecology of badgers is as follows.
As their name in Japanese suggests, badgers live in burrows in the soil. During the day they hide in their burrows, but at night they begin to search for food. Badgers are omnivores and feed on insects, small animals, crops, and garbage.
However, this family are not nocturnal and appear during the day.
They may ignore us, the residents, but they must have their own reasons.