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英語教育改革、小学校英語教育の効果   English Education Reform, Effectiveness of Elementary School English Education

We may be able to judge the effects and results of the "fun" English education in elementary schools that began in 2020, focusing on "listening and speaking" in the middle grades.
From what I heard from the teachers at the cram school I have known, it seems that students are forced to be confused.
It is because for the students, they are tested in the traditional way of "reading and writing" instead of the "fun" way of "listening and speaking" English in elementary school.
As a result, the average test scores of students who received "fun" English education are currently 20-30 points out of 100, so it cannot be said that the reformed educational method has a positive effect.
I myself had been supporting junior high and high school students in learning English for entrance exams for about 20 years since about 45 years ago when the assistant language teacher (ALT) system began, and at the same time I opened a free English conversation dojo open to the community (with some overseas English speaking people attended), which I have run for about 40 years now.
Furthermore for the past eight years, I have also been running a nationwide network of Eiken Level 1 certified persons.
Based on this personal experience, I can say the following about learning English.
Having fun is a great motivator for learning English. However, learning to read and write may be "painful," but memorization and grammatical understanding of a language are essential. You cannot acquire language skills that will be useful in the future just because it is "fun.