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自著原稿の定期的投稿の再開   Resumption of Regular Submission of Authored Manuscripts

これまで投稿していたサイトの問題が解決せず、このサイトから紹介された note というサイトで自著原稿の定期的投稿を今週から再開します。
内 容:まえがき(1) NTT社からのEメール
Resumption of Regular Submission of Authored Manuscripts:
Due to the unresolved problems with my old posting site, I am resuming regular posting of my manuscript at another posing site of note, a site introduced to me by the old site, starting this week.
At this new site, I post the content from the very beginning in both Japanese and English, once or twice a week.
The first posting is as follows
Title: Trajectory of Energy Conservation Grand Prize-winning Technology Development
Contents: Preface (1) E mail from NTT