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英会話学習への支援   Support for Improving English Skills

I have been currently supporting a small number of adults, who wish to improve their English speaking skill, online for a fee.
In order to provide this support, the student must commit to self-study in NHK Basic English (1), (2), and (3) courses from Monday through Friday under their appropriate conditions.
The reason for this is that these courses allow them to learn four balanced English skills and English grammar.
Then, the student, the English speaking foreign teacher, and I meet online, and the student takes a conversation-oriented lesson using the content he/she studied at NHK during the same week, where my role is to support their lessons so that the former two can better understand each other during the learning process.
The student can master English learning method in about one year, so it is recommended that they graduate from my support after about one year, and they continue learning on their own.