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新ギター楽譜、2022年度後半   New guitar music pieces for practice in the latter half of 2022

今年後半の新曲は「愛の喜び」(J.P.マルティーニ、1741 – 1816)と「千の風になって」(新井 満、1946 - 2021)で、今年の3曲目と4曲目です。
Since I have moved away from the group guitar this year, I choose all the new music pieces by myself to play solos, a one-person duets on the guitar and/or to play the guitar with accompaniment of other instruments.
The new ones in the latter half of this year are "The Joy of Love" (Jean Paul Egide Martini, 1741 - 1816) and "In a Thousand Winds" (Man Arai, 1946 - 2021) as my 3rd and 4th pieces for this year.
Besides these, I also review and practice the pieces I have practiced and played before so that I don't forget them.