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美しい音   Beautiful sounds

毎月一回の集まりで先日私が演奏した「雨だれ」( (3分44秒)について、集会の終了後に参加者3名の方から以下の言葉をいただきました。少々、自慢話ですみません。
1. クラシックギター演奏を聴くという非日常を味わえて良かった、楽しかったです。
2. ギターの音がきれいでした。
I received the following comments from three participants after the meeting about the "Raindrops" (, 3 min. 44 sec.) I recently played at our monthly gathering. I feel a little sorry for bragging.
1. It was nice to have an extraordinary experience of listening to the classical guitar performance and it was fun.
2. The sounds of the guitar were beautiful.
And a friend of mine living in USA mailed me, saying, ”What a beautiful rendition and melody. Rachel and I listened to the heavenly music, and it was very relaxing, just like the raindrops.”
The best compliment for a performer is to be said, "Your sounds are/were beautiful ."
So I will continue to practice the guitar while taking care of my fingernails, the intensity and method of my fingernails’ touch with the strings, and other things so that I can produce beautiful sounds the next time I play as well.
Just for your information, in addition to excellent playing technique, the professional performers' recorded music CDs have very beautiful sounds thanks to the the performing places, recording techniques, and digital sound processing after recording.