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6月後半の身近な3題  Three familiar themes of ours for the second half of June

1. 雨中のカタツムリは梅雨の時期で楽しそうですが、ゆっくりとした動きはあたかも人間たちに“何を急いでいるの?”と問いかけているようです。
2. 巣立ちまじかの燕たちです。親鳥はもう頻繁には餌を運ばず子燕の巣立ちを促しているようです。
3. 家の導入路の石垣に自生している野イチゴです。やはりイチゴはこの時期の産物ですね。
1. Snails in the rain seem to be enjoying the rainy season, but their slow movements seem to be asking humans, "What's the hurry?"
2. They are swallows about to leave the nest. Their parent birds no longer bring food to them as often as they used to, and seem to be encouraging their young to leave the nest.
3. They are wild strawberries growing wild on the stone wall of the path leading to the house. Strawberries are a product of this season, aren’t they?