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アクセスランキングとその効果  Access ranking and its effects

Access ranking and its effects:
There are usually competitors in the business, competing with each other in friendly competition.
KTK Eikaiwa has been ranked first every month for the past year or so in the English conversation school genre in Onomichi City.
This is a result from a website that has been listing us KTK Eikaiwa for free for about a year now.
The result seems to be strange even to me.
The attached photo shows the ranking results for last month of May, but the actual numbers of accesses are withheld for our mutual honor.
In the past, the number of accesses to KTK English has been in the triple digits at times when it was high, but usually it was in the double digits.
This result does not necessarily mean that the number of students is increasing, but it should give visitors to the site chances to see my recommendations for learning English and what we do in our office.
KTK Eikaiwa;