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5月後半の尾道無料英会話道場(OESS)例会  Meetings of Onomichi Free English Learning Society (OESS) in the latter half of May

1. OESS夕方コース、5月21日(土、19:00~):盲導犬の訓練を受ける子犬たち
2. OESS午前コース、5月26日(木、10:30~):世界最大級の野生動物用横断歩道が着工
They were held on following dates with the topics prepared.
1. OESS Evening, May 21st (Sat. 19:00~): Puppies Trained to Guide the Blind
2. OESS Morning, May 26th (Thurs. 10:30~): Largest wildlife crossing in the world breaks ground
In the morning course, in addition to a dog that has been helping the nearby blind couple, we members introduced various episodes of animals that live (or were living) around us. The coexistence with animals must have a positive effect on the mental health of human beings.
In the afternoon course, as in the morning course, it was coincident that the participants introduced the wild animals in their daily lives in Japan and Australia, and confirmed the preciousness and danger of these animals.