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5月前半の尾道無料英会話道場(OESS)例会  Meetings of Onomichi Free English Learning Society (OESS) in the first half of May

1. OESS夕方コース、5月07日(土、19:00~):ブラジルの先住民コミュニティが恐れるウクライナの戦争の影響による違法鉱物採掘の脅威。
2. OESS午前コース、5月12日(木、10:30~):地域の環境と野生動物をサポートするために自生植物を植えよう。
They were held on following dates with the topics prepared.
1. OESS Evening, May 7th (Sat. 19:00~): Brazil's indigenous communities fear mining threat over war in Ukraine
2. OESS Morning, May 12th (Thurs. 10:30~): Plant Native Plants to Support Local Environment, Wildlife
In the former session, members who have visited Brazil or wish to visit in the future expressed their impressions on Brazil. Still facing many problems?, what Brazil needs may be a political reform, but before that, education in a broader sense may be important.
In the latter session, the time was spent on how Japanese members spent the time during Golden Week and the Australian member during their trip in central Australia in the past week.
The talk on the materials prepared for "Earth Day" on April 22 was again carried over to the next meeting.