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E バイクで2題  Two short E-bike cyclings

I went shopping on an E-bike on a warm, sunny day. (About 7 km round trip)
Onomichi may not be a good place to ride a bicycle because of its many hilly slopes, but with an E-bike, it hardly matters.
However, if you put heavy luggage in the basket above the front wheel, it will make your bike unstable.
We also have to be careful when riding a bicycle on the road with many cars running.
The other was a riding around Hiroshima International Airport. (About 6 km round trip).
There is a paid cycling course near the airport, but this time I took a route on a public road with side roads and around resort facilities in the vicinity.
I carried my e-bike by car to near the airport, and from there it was park-and-ride.