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再開、もう一つの月例会  Reopening of one of the other monthly gatherings

I have received a notice that our monthly gathering for seniors, which finally resumed last December but was closed again earlier this year, will resume on Saturday, on April the 16th.
We would like them to enjoy their time also with music in the gatherings, and I am supposed to play a few music pieces each time as a comparatively young (?) senior.
This time I have chosen two pieces of music with songs that I think many of them are familiar with, "Hometown" and "Bride of Seto" and I will play them for them to sing along with.
I will use the recordings I have performed in the past to ensure the overall volume of the performance. And I will supplement the melody and accompaniment parts of the songs.
It is only 4 days from notification to performance. Arranging and practicing the performance score and preparing the equipment will require some time. They are transferring the music to my smartphone, establishing the blue tooth connection between my new smartphone and the speakers and so on.