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東京の電力不足危機   Tokyo's Power Shortage Crisis

Yesterday on March 22, 2022, Tokyo faced the danger of a major power outage, and the government issued a major call for power conservation.
This is the result of a combination of many factors, including earthquakes, cold weather, and the 2011 nuclear accidents and so on, but it also shows Tokyo's vulnerable side and the dangerous nature of the city in terms of its electrical infrastructure.
Fortunately, they managed to avoid a major blackout this time, but they will continue to walk a tightrope.
A few percent to 10 percent increase in total electricity demand can trigger a major blackout like this one yesterday.
Since the 1990s, I myself have been calling for the reduction of standby power consumption (about 10 percent of total power demand) under the motto "small power savings, big energy savings," and have developed the technology and devices to realize it, but I had received many cold eyes for saving such a small amount (about 10%) of electricity.
I suppose that people cannot really understand a crisis until they actually experience it, and they cannot really begin to take action to deal with it.