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3月前半の尾道無料英会話道場(OESS)と英検1級有資格者ネットワーク(E1N) in 日本の月例会  Meetings of Onomichi Free English Speaking Society (OESS) and Monthly Eiken Level 1 Network (E1N) in Japan i

1. OESS夕方コース、3月05日(土、19:00~):世の中には本当に腐った人間がいて、電話をしてくる人間もいる。
2. OESS午前コース、3月10日(木、10:30~):バタフライエフェクトは、あなたが思っているようなものではありません。
3. E1N月例会、3月12日(土、20:00~):2021年度第3回英検面接委員からのメッセージ、及び 小学校高学年から英語学習が評価されることについて。
They were held on following dates with each talking topic.
1. OESS, Feb. 5th (Sat. 19:00~): There are some really rotten people out there, and some of them call you on the phone.
2. OESS, Feb. 10th (Thurs. 10:30~): The butterfly effect is not what you think it is.
3. E1N, Feb. 12th (Sat. 20:00~): Message from the 3rd Eiken interview examiners in 2021 school year, and about English learning being evaluated from the upper elementary grades.
In the evening course of the Eikaiwa Dojo, the members learned that scams in the U.S. are very similar to those in Japan, and heard a vivid story of how a 5 million yen phone scam was actually prevented.
On the other hand, in the morning course, we learned that many Japanese oral traditions about natural phenomena are related to rain, and we speculated on the reasons for such phenomena. We also tried to guess why cats and dogs are used in the English expression of raining cats and dogs.
At the monthly meeting, after reports and questions from the interview examiners who worked for the third English proficiency test in 2021, the participants discussed their opinions on assessment in English education in elementary schools.