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クラシックギター、1人二重奏  One-person duet on the classic guitar 

1. 月 光(Estudio、Fernando Sor、1778 – 1839、スペイン)
2. 舟 唄(Barcarole、Napoleon Cost、1805 – 1883、フランス)
3. ロマンス(Romanze、Johann Kaspar Mertz、1806 – 1856、ハンガリー)
4. 雨だれ(Rain Drops、George. C. Linsey、1855 – 1945、アメリカ)
5. エチュード(Estudio、Napoleon Cost、1805 – 1883、フランス)
After I stopped practicing and performing at the guitar club I had belonged to for a long time due to the Corona pandemic and for other reasons, I have now been practicing one-man guitar playing by myself this year 2022.
I use the music I have played solo before as the first guitar part, and find the music note sheets as the second guitar part on the website to practice and perform the duet or the trio by myself at the local gatherings.
Sometimes I can find different arrangements of the second guitar score, so I can enjoy different kinds of duet with the same first guitar score.
The overlapping of the two guitars doubles the volume, and musically they provide a more pleasant harmony.
A one-man duet or trio requires a few times as much practice as a solo play, but that's also one of the ways to enjoy music.
I have currently been working on the following five music pieces, and besides these, the piece I practice almost every time is "Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Memories of Alhambra)".
Some of these have been uploaded at my Youtube site of 
1. Moonlight (Fernando Sor, 1778 - 1839, Spain)
2. Barcarole (Napoleon Cost, 1805 - 1883, France)
3. Romanze (Johann Kaspar Mertz, 1806 - 1856, Hungary)
4. Rain Drops (Rain Drops, George C. Linsey, 1855 - 1945, USA)
5. Estudio (Napoleon Cost、1805 – 1883、France)