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悪魔の悪行、盗人・強盗・殺人行為  The devil’s misdeeds of thievery, robbery, and murder

This refers to the invasion, looting, and murder in Ukrainian territory by Putin and Russia.
What is worse in this case is the premeditated act of barbarism after deliberately creating a problem and creating a commotion.
Russia did the same thing to Japan right after World War II when they plundered the Northern Territories of Japan.
Russia and China have claimed other areas as their own historicalterritory and territorial waters, but if we go back in history, they were not anyone's territory and territorial waters.
Japan's geographic proximity to the same kind of nations as Russia, China and North Korea, puts it in a very dangerous area geographically.
In this sense, Japan urgently needs to raise awareness and strengthen its national defense.
In times of emergency, in times of war, no other countries will sacrifice to help us.