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オリンピック、多くの矛盾と問題  Olympics with many contradictions and problems

There are many contradictions or problems with the Olympics.
The Beijing Olympics also had doping problems and strange decisions.
I feel sorry for the many athletes who abide by the rules and play fair.
The modern Olympics have been too much politicalized and too much commercialized though it is defined as the sport festivity, which leads to the black money to IOC members or the bribes to the related people.
In both the Tokyo and Beijing Olympics as well, national leaders used it to maintain and increase their own power base.
It is defined as the peaceful festivity, but it has been hosted regardless the ongoing wars in some places in the world.
The Olympics now have too many games, which leads to too long a hosting period and too big a financial burden for the small countries to host it. They also should try to slim all of these.
Each country has the same and equal right to host the Olympics so that all countries should refrain from hosting it more than twice if some countries want to host it for the first time.
For this reason as well, Japan does not have to host the Olympics anymore for a long time to come.