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ネット掲載情報への反応  Reaction to information posted online

In the digital age, the Internet age, it is relatively easy to know about the response by number to the information we provide.
We don't have to be happy or sad about the numerical results, but we are curious about it.
Attached are the number of views to my English conversation advertisement in Onomichi City and the number of views to the Internet postings of my own books. (These are both free sites.)
The former has always been ranked as the No.1 top in the city.
The baseline number of readers for the latter is about 100 daily, but it goes up to 200 or 300 depending on the day.
I feel good when the results are as fairly good as these.
However, I feel unpleasant when other online vendors see these results and make sales calls to me only for their profits.