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ギタークラブからの退部と今年の課題曲  This year's music assignment after leaving the Guitar Club

(夜霧のしのび逢い、35,297 回視聴、2022.01.25現在)
This month I have ended 13 year-long classical guitar group activities in Alhambra Guitar Club (Fukuyama) since 2009.
It was very enjoyable and meaningful to practice face-to-face with many friends who share the same hobby, and to have visiting concerts at the hospitals and so on.
The Corona disaster that started the year before last made it difficult for me to join the group for practice, but I was also a bit worried about driving back and forth at night because of my age.
From now on, I would like to be active in the community, even in a small group.
And this year, I plan to do a one-person duet performance, choosing the pieces from the attached list based on duets, which can be performed even by one person.
I will never be away from my guitar.
(La Playa, 35,297 views as of 2022.01.25)