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コロナウイルスの里帰り?  A Coronavirus Homecoming? In China

It is reported that COVID-19 has been re-infecting people in China.
The first outbreak of the coronavirus occurred in Wuhan, but it seems that the virus has changed its form and is returning home. It seems that the virus is returning home in a slightly different form.
In Xi'an, Tianjin and other cities, all citizens have been subjected to inspections and restrictions on their activities.
It seems that in China, people who are not members of the Chinese Communist Party are not considered human beings (?), and it is natural that they can be locked up like chickens or pigs.
A friend of mine in China told me that in high-rise apartment buildings, if there is even one infected person, the entire building is easily sealed off.
We should never forget where the original cause of the prolonged corona disaster that has plunged the whole world into confusion lies.