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初めてのパソコンメモリー増設  Increasing computer memory for the first time

1. 使用中のパソコンに適合する増設用のメモリをネットで探索、
2. パソコンの筐体カバーをはずしてメモリ設置部分と増設可能な
3. 必要な容量と仕様のメモリを注文、
4. 入手したメモリを装填する。
After a year or two of purchasing computers, their running speed slow down.
There seem to be several causes for this, and I have tried to eliminate some of them so far.
And this time, for the first time, I decided to expand (double) the memory.
The process is as follows, and it took me four days to complete.
1. To search on the Internet for memory that would fit the computer I have been using,
2. To remove the cover of the computer to check the memory installation area and the slots that can be used for expansion,
3. To order the necessary memory with the appropriate capacity and specification, and
4. To load the memory I obtain.
Doing what we can do ourselves while having fun is the first step to dealing with problems while keeping our expenses low.