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有料英会話レッスン  Paid English lessons

1. 学習者が月曜日から金曜日まで、最低毎日一時間、週5日間、
2. 私が薦めるプログラムと勉強方法で、
3. 自学自習を継続
Paid English lessons:
As one of my jobs, I have been giving private English lessons for a fee ,where only one learner can learn practical English at his or her pace with an English speaking foreign teacher and me.
The conditions for me to accept this type of lesson are as follows.
1. The learners must learn by themselves at least one hour every day, five days a week from Monday through Friday.
2. They follow the program and study methods I recommend.
3. They continue to study on their own.
No matter how good a school you attend or how good a teacher you have, if you don't study on a daily basis, you won't be able to improve your language skills or learn anything.
My role is just to provide a minimum of support when the foreign teacher and the learner have difficulty communicating or understanding each other, and to help the learner put into practice what he or she has learned on a daily basis.