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沈む中流  Sinking middle class

This was one of the NHK news the other day on Thursday, December 9.
Over the past 30 years, the annual income peak of the largest number of households has dropped from the 4 million yen level to the 2 million yen level.
Judging by out annual income, Japan has not made any progress in 30 years, and on the contrary, it has been degenerating.
The greatest responsibility lies with the government (especially, Koizumi - Abe Cabinets, LDP, and New Komeito), but we also bear a great deal of responsibility for seeking excessive freedom, not having the desire for steady work, study, research and development, and longing for a lifestyle inappropriate for a country with small resources.
The foolish policy this time, the 100,000 yen barrage policy, is also a scorcher.
It is also clear that Japan is losing ground compared to other developed countries overseas.