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終了と再開  Termination and resumption

The 16 online classical guitar concerts from last year because of Corona Peril ended in October.
Instead, the members have resumed their group practice, but I have decided not to attend it because the night practice requires me a night drive.
It was also a period of time during which I felt a certain amount of pressure to choose, practice, record, and send the participation music each month for about a year and a half, so I feel a little sad to know that it has been now stopped.
From now on, in order to continue the habit of practicing every month that I have acquired, I have started practicing one or two new pieces in November as well.
They are Mozart's Serenade and Paganini's Romance.
I will perform live these pieces and the repertoire I have so far at the Orange Cafe with one or two solos each month.
The following is the piece I prepared for the October concert, whose performance I am not satisfied with, and I have not made it into a video for YouTube yet.