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NHK朝ドラ、カム カム エヴリバディ  Come Come Everybody, NHK Morning Drama

その後、1946年から1951年まで日本放送協会(NHK)のアナウンサー、平川 唯一(ひらかわ ただいち)氏が講師としてラジオ番組「英語会話[2]」担当し、通称「カムカムおじさん」と呼ばれ、人気を博しました。(番組は「カムカム英語」という別名で知られていました)。
Come Come Everybody, NHK Morning Drama:
NHK started its first radio English conversation program in 1925. On July 20 that year, Mr. Yuzaburo Okakura started it as the instructor at the Tokyo Broadcasting Station of NHK.
Later, from 1946 to 1951, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) announcer Tadaichi Hirakawa was in charge of the radio program "English Conversation [2]" as a lecturer, and he was popularly called "Uncle Come Come. (The program was also known as "Come Come English").
I myself first became aware of English on the radio in the 1960s, and I remember Toru Matsumoto and Katsuaki Togo as radio instructors, and Kiyotada Tazaki and Marcia Krakower as TV English instructors.
Professor Ogawa, whom I met when he had been teaching Japanese at San Diego State University in the U.S. and visited his classes several times, also became an English conversation instructor for NHK TV for a short time in 1978 after returning to Japan.
In any case, the new morning drama that started in October is depicting dark aspect of the war era for now, but I am looking forward to the future developments.