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尾道無料英会話道場、10月後半の2つの話題  Two talking topics at Onomichi ESS, Free English learning society, in the latter half of October

① 時系列で見るニュース識別力、10月16日19時~
② 世界最高のカフェがメルボルンにある理由、10月28日10時30分~、
1. News Literacy Introduction- News Through Time on October 16.
2. Why Melbourne has the best cafes in the world on October 28
The former was the topic for Saturday, November 16, but the 90 minutes passed with only news, reports, and questions and answers among the members, so the topic was carried over to the next meeting on Saturday, November 6.
The latter is tomorrow’s informative and entertaining meeting moderated by a member from Melbourne, Australia.