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尾道無料英会話道場、10月前半の2つの話題  Two talking topics at Onomichi ESS, Free English learning society, in the first half of October

① 10月02日19時~、贅沢品になりうる日常の食品
② 10月14日10時30分~、大相撲の成長を阻む国際的なストリーミングの欠如
1. The everyday foods that could become luxuries
2. Lack of international streaming options hampers sumo's growth
The former was the topic on October 2nd (Saturday).
We discussed what food and beverages members consider to be luxuries, referring to an article that pointed out the possibility of everyday items (chocolate, coffee, etc.) becoming luxuries due to climate change and other factors.
The latter will be used again on the 14th (next Thursday), as we were unable to use the topic prepared for the meeting on Thursday, October 30 last month in time.
With so many sports becoming internationalized, what does sumo need?