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尾道無料英会話道場、9月前半の2つの話題  Two talking topics at Onomichi ESS, Free English learning society, in the first half of September

① 8月4日19時~、東京パラリンピックでアフガニスタン負傷兵が金メダル
② 8月9日10時30分~、裁判終了でジェロニモ(アルパカ)、殺処分
1. Tokyo Paralympics- Jaco van Gass - from injury in Afghanistan to Paralympic champion
2. Geronimo the alpaca killed as legal row ends
The former was about the Tokyo Paralympics, which had completed its schedule on the 5th.
It was the story of a British soldier who won a gold medal through his positive efforts despite having been severely injured. The members shared their thoughts on the games and the athletes that had impressed them.
The latter was the topic of today's meeting, in the morning of the 9th.
The focus will be on how we think about the killing of the livestock and the animals that have been exposed to contagious diseases.