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リモート電源コントローラー(スイッチ、SOD)、無料テスト使用歓迎!  Remote power controller (switch, SOD), Welcome to free testing!

この目標達成のために今日の世の中のトレンドは「インターネットと多機能」ですが、現在、データセンターを中心にIT 機器の消費電力は全電力消費量の2%と言われ、今後、増大するでしょう。
Remote power controller (switch, SOD), Welcome to free testing!
The pursuit of convenience is one of the goals of many engineers.
In order to achieve this goal, the trend in today's world is to use "Internet and multi-functionality." Currently, but the power consumption of IT equipment, especially in data centers, is said to be 2% of the total power consumption, and it will increase in the future.
Whereas, the remote power controller (switch) of my own development, "Switch on Demand" (SOD), provides the convenience of using power only when the power is needed across time and space by turning switches on and off remotely.
It is the quite opposite of the world's trend and a "single function without internet" technology.
This also fits with the philosophy of the SDGs.
If you like, please have a look at the attached photo and the following website, where the actual use examples are described.
You can also test the demo SOD for free.