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尾道無料英会話道場、8月後半の2つの話題  Two topics for the second half of August at the Onomichi Free English Learning Sessions

The first was the topic from the U.S. that we discussed on the 21st, " Today’s Teens in No Hurry to Start Driving”.
I guess it's the same in Japan.
It was clear in the conversation that all the members have driver's licenses and have been using them effectively in their daily lives.
The members who actually had lived in USA and Singapore introduced the realities of the U.S., where they can get a driver's license for about one-hundredth of the cost in Japan, and Singapore, where car registration costs several million Japanese yen.
The second topic is "AI Sophia," which is related to humanoid robots, and it will be discussed at the morning regular meeting tomorrow on the 26th.