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 COVID-19対策、テレワーク、集中治療場所    COVID-19 Control, Telework, Intensive Care Places

Today we have received a message from our son that he has completed his second corona vaccination at the Nittsu headquarters.
He has been teleworking and taking daily measures to prevent infection, but this is a bit of a relief for him and his family, and for us as well because he has been commuting between Chiba and Tokyo.
I believe that vaccination is a social obligation, and I hope that everyone who can get vaccinated will.
I have not seen the telework rates of the government and government agencies that are calling for telework, but I would like to see the results in numbers to improve the persuasiveness of the request.
How about using the Diet Building, government offices, prefectural offices, or city halls as places where intensive patient care can be provided?