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アマチュア無線  Radio amateur

As reported in the attached article, the number of the amateur radio stations in Japan was about 1.3 million at the peak and the number was decreased to 0.4 million as of last year, 2020.
I have been a radio station master with the call sign of JE4FTP, but not active at all, only paying the license fees to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
In 1980s I was communicating with many overseas radio stations as an active radio operator, which was a very good training for brushing up my English skills at home especially in listening and speaking.
I still remember my first radio communication with the Australian radio station in Adelaide.
Communicating on the radio is the best way to improve the language skills thanks to the process of listening to each other, trying to understand and answer without seeing each other even under the bad condition with various hindering noises and/or poor signal strength.
Today we can enjoy talking on TV phone on the net, but I still have a hope to enjoy the radio communication again as a DXer, which means a radio operator who mainly enjoys the overseas radio communications.