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制御不能状態  Out-of-control situation

Out-of-control situation:
Today on August 13th I have read the shocking headline of out-of-control on today’s newspaper regarding the COVID-19 pandemic for the first time since the TEPCO’s nuclear power plants accidents in Fukushima.
The most basic cause has been originated in China, but domestically the causes of the current serious condition of out-of-control situation are due to no risk management capability, inadequate legal systems, irresponsibleness and so on by the Government and all the Diet members.
They have made the food service industry and the youth into scapegoats, which are just the excuse, to switch the blame to us general people.
In the past 2 years, I wonder what concrete countermeasures the Government has made except vaccination.
Furthermore, the far most basic cause is that no Government has tried to solve the problem of the excess concentration of population and industry in the Tokyo Metropolitan area since the end of the war.