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7月前半のオンライン無料英語学習 Online free English learning in the first half of July

1. 7月3日(土)、「日本、世界初の木製衛星打ち上げへ」
2. 7月8日(木)、「オーストラリア人アクセントの理解の仕方」
1. ‘Japan Aims to Launch World’s First Wooden Satellite’ on July 3rd (Saturday)
2. ‘How to understand the Australian accent’ on July 8th (Thursday)
These were the topics on the continued online sessions due to COVID-19.
All of us have been enjoying English leaning and mutual information exchanges recently with a new member from Kagoshima who joined this month and another member from Melbourne, Australia who joined last year.
The first topic on July 3rd revealed that 70% of the space junk is from irresponsible China.
The latter topic prepared by the Australian member with her explanation in the meeting made us all the members understand the content well.